Shondalla Calder is a solo violinist, music composer, and performer. She loves to share music any chance she gets. She brings a twist to the violin, combining classical, hip hop, and pop music together. Shondalla is from Albany Georgia.She started playing the violin at the age 11. From there her love of the violin continued to grow. She always dreamed of being a music performer. Shondalla was inspired by a group, "Nuttin But Stringz" to play the violin with a hip hop style, and the rest is history.

Shondalla has performed for Grammy winning artist such as David and Tamela Mann. Grammy nominated artist Ginuwine, and The Hamiltones. She also enjoys to perform at weddings, private parties, and Coorperate Functions. " 

My team consists of my husband, Andre Calder, and my brothers, Terriance Walters, and Joseph James. Shondalla loves knowing that her music brings peace, serenity, and joy.  


" When you play... it's as if for a moment time stops and all is lost in the music."

-Tonya Huff Kuranda

"We need you in Nigeria to perform! Brighten up! Bigger things are coming up for you soon!"

- Charles Bassey Silas