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Shondalla has been playing the violin for 20 years. She was in the Albany Youth Symphony Orchestra, where she was classically trained. She has performed for the Mayor of Anchorage Alaska various local plays and private events. Shondalla has performed in various places in the UK and Europe, including Lakenheath, Bury St Edmunds, Bermingham, Sheffield, and Germany. She also performed for the music group, "The Hamiltones". Shondalla is a graduate of Full Sail University for Music Production. Her music is very inspirational and uplifting. She composes and arranges her music with the help of her brothers Terrience Walters and Joseph James. Shondalla's fun and energetic way of playing have attracted people all over the world. Her following is increasing every day! She now has three original songs released. Shondalla is currently working on her first album


" When you play... it's as if for a moment time stops and all is lost in the music."

-Tonya Huff Kuranda

"We need you in Nigeria to perform! Brighten up! Bigger things are coming up for you soon!"

- Charles Bassey Silas

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